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IKARU by Indsign

Is a character created in 2006 by designer, Alfredo Mele, for the Indsign Industrial & Graphic brand. It began as an initiative to develop a personification of all the brand’s processes, allowing a more humane identification with the growing company.

Its name, Ikaru, is the derivation of a Japanese name of ambiguous genre (Hikaru), the H was eliminated in order to Castilianize or romanticize the phonetics and that correlated with the name of all Indsign brands.

Ikaru, means light, which is one of the purposes, to maintain clarity in our creative process.

Ikaru is made up of several geometric figures, grouped together, so that they give the visual of a robot, filled, friendly, with a large head to house ideas, ovoid eyes of different sizes to be able to see the present and sharpen our view of the future, flexible limbs that allow us to manipulate and create what is proposed and reach unthinkable points.

• The evolution of Ikaru maintains a clean baseline.

• He is a basic character who uses the costume mode to get involved with other characters, trends and professions.

• Over time, other designers and illustrators have collaborated in the evolution of it …


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