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IKARU, the awakening Ebook

IKARU, the awakening Ebook

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Alfred Miller, a successful and prosperous businessman with a passion for industrial design, widowed and evicted by a terrible illness, decides to transfer all his knowledge to a prototype of artificial intelligence designed by himself and manufactured in his company with the help of his partner and friend, Dr. Ernest Rostock, a specialist in robotics. He is encouraged by the idea of bequeathing all his experience to his son through this creation; he also wants to make it a special companion for when he is absent. Thus IKARU is born, a robot endowed with extraordinary abilities and also with values and principles.

In this first part of the story, entitled IKARU, the awakening, author Alfredo Mele shares with readers the genesis of what IKARU's adventures will be like once he has fulfilled the purpose for which he was created. IKARU's mission, his contributions and legacy, could be called to touch the entire universe.

IKARU, the awakening is the first book in a series of stories that will undoubtedly make an impact on fantasy literature.


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  • Author : Alfredo Mele (
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
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